Hey i took that personality test too and idk it seems pretty accurate to me

Thought if a real bad post - like really, really, bad - and didn't toot it

dirt comics #1 - "impostor stockholm syndrome"

Sorry sweaties, this is a Spencer Krug thirst account now. Just decided

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the suggestion was for men to take showers and ask questions if they wanted to be successful at dating

Comfy goth gf (selfies, no ec, boosts+) Show more

We both love attention, though i'd like to think i am more subtle than when he walks up and puts his head under my hand

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i was buying work clothes, idk how this happened (selfie, no ec, boost+) Show more

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Why can't bras that are the same size be the same fucking size?

i go through one god damn breakup and just like that i'm becoming goth at age 26 (selfie, no ec, boosts+) Show more

The small tiddy goth gf has logged on (selfie, nsfw - underwear but no nudity, no ec, boost+) Show more

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