Hey i took that personality test too and idk it seems pretty accurate to me

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Me, an 8 year old having a party at a trampoline zone to celebrate the fact that i am no longer 7: i have the world's bounciest b-day and it isn't even all that close lmao

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@Mokupele "so the first thins about it, the packaging... normal"

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I want to go see baby turtles hatch and go into the ocean, I think that would be lovely

i finally did a bad post. Idk what to do??

@KT If i feel hungry and capable of pooping at the same time, i flex my intestines as hard as i can to force the shit back to my stomach so i am full again

Your "Sarah Number+" is how many posts it takes you, on average, to elicit a frown from @neoncoughh on a typical day, plus the number of ('s in the frown

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