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the suggestion was for men to take showers and ask questions if they wanted to be successful at dating

Comfy goth gf (selfies, no ec, boosts+) 


Fantastic Mr. Fox is a good movie. Cancel me, see if i care

"Gamers don't deserve video games" - dirt, 2019

You can't spell "pomegranate" without "gamer"

Makes u think..

Hard to believe bofa was only up for eight and a half days...

We both love attention, though i'd like to think i am more subtle than when he walks up and puts his head under my hand

Dark dirt rising (selfies, no ec, boosts+) 

i was buying work clothes, idk how this happened (selfie, no ec, boost+) 

i have more Mastodon followers than that janky bitch Jordan Peterson

Can't believe i still don't have a page on the feet wiki. Some friends you are 😠 😤

i kind of want to mute "pee" and "piss" but i don't think i could handle how lonely my home TL would be

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