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hello! i'm eject, a non-binary person from the uk. i used to be @eject until that instance went down.

my hobbies include favouriting posts from people i follow and leaving them nice replies

i like to think of myself as some sort of artist, but i rarely share my work. i'd like to write short stories, but i rarely check my speling.

oh, and i also post lewd and nude things fyi

you can find my website at

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plz let me know if I'm reading the room wrong, but we all 😍LOVE😍 capitalism
, right?!?!?!

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Join this cool queer discord that i hang out in. It's cool and queer.

#Linux was invented so that #man could have an extremely narrow margin of height/shape.

😳 you didn't see that, it didn't happen.

How do people still play Minesweeper? Like, there are so many red flags…

@eject Eject flag. A red eject button is in the middle, surrounded by consecutive rainbow colored borders in the style of the LGBT flag.

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TIL it's *sweat* smile, not sweet smile 😅

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@eject oh did I just unfollowed someone because I Won't Sell Out!

Oh no, the nationalists are at it again.

Discord: Fash, Gamers
Slack: Corp sellouts
IRC: God tier, The Best Choice, The ONLY Choice

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