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if you mention bees or wasps i will tell you about peppermint oil

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a haunting nudist BBQ toot 

Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of

step into the Reply Guy Dome!

two guys enter!

several more guys enter!

"is it weird to be best friends with a company?" Is literally a thing i just heard in a spotify ad what the fuck

it's time for my yearly review. please fill out the form below by choosing the appropriate criticism of me

its kind of weird to me that we don't have a word for the female version of a himbo

For the last fucking time, the reason that there is no clear cut vegetable and fruit cut off is because fruit is a scientific term and vegetable is a colloquial term!!!!!!

Can everyone stop pretending there's any reason Rome fell other than they put lead in everything

a group of people telling each other stories of when they first realised they were trans

they ask me

i say "oh, that hasn't happened to me yet"

Tinnitus, mh 

apparently i have nice hands because they all veiny and stuff

🥺 👉 👈 i don't remember how this meme works

The thing that's most disturbing about this liberal take is that it destroys some important links.

Blaming economical changes on jews is exactly the same as blaming lack of jobs on muslims, but because the liberal narrative doesn't link that way of thinking and being to fascism, it's too easily dismissed as a leap by those who don't want it thought about.

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we all know about the Kristallnacht, but, if raised/taught by liberals, are encouraged not to see the parallels between this and the EDL smashing up minority owned shops in the high street, or death threats and vandalism done to polish shops.

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british computer users be like better upgrade my computer crisps

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