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mock me if you will, but i *have* read siddon

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a haunting nudist BBQ toot 

trying to make this account less lewd but now i have nowhere to post lewds 🤔

what if i looked like this <3 (selfies, shades ec, boosts++) 

"Dark Lego, show me the forbidden connection techniques":

a leaked PDF of a Lego internal corporate document describing "illegal" connections that must not be used in official kit-building instructions

Much has been written on the analogy between lego connections and programming language syntax; that would make this illegal connection PDF the equivalent of, like, undocumented compiler features or something.

I Don't Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People

that didn't work, now they're both all vein-y and gross

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the blood pressure in my right arm is higher than my left arm

food opinions poll thread, boosts+ 

i couldn't tell if the mycologist was into me until she brought a sample of a symbiotic organism made up of fungus and algae over to my house to show me. then i knew she'd really taken a lichen to me

ai dungeon nonsense 

we will never stop having tumblr introvert/extrovert discourse. this is our ironic punishment for taking personality psychology seriously

Fun factoid: rage against the machine is a band protesting the ever increasing power of Florence Welch

re: Lewd 

if you go after people who need money for surviving this hellscape existence by spinning "self promotion" a bad thing, accusing people of "shilling", or whatever else bullshit you come up with to try to shame people who don't have shit they need:

please jump up your own asshole and die from how stinky it is

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