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a haunting nudist BBQ toot 

i need to take some more lewds

mainly because i need new profile pic :blobcat:

so apparently Oglaf isn't about a Disney snowman, huh,,,,,,



"I don't know who needs to hear this but you are not a capitalist. You are a salaried employee working in an industry owned by an actual capitalist. People keep confusing simple commerce-- which has always existed--with capitalism, a specific type of economy." — Bree Newsome

it still upsets me that some of you don't look like your avatars irl

so after my heater set fire to itself, i'm borrowing one from mum and it smells of burning too

For mods and admin 


I will say, I really don’t appreciate people from overseas coldly and judgementally saying whatever they reckon about this situation without any consideration to how people living here are terrified that they or someone they love will be deported, or have their benefits cut, or lose their healthcare, or be forced on to the streets. People of colour, immigrants, asylum seekers, the disabled, and the poor all face an already cruel and violent country worsening significantly right now

Ukpol, meta 

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