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mock me if you will, but i *have* read siddon

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a haunting nudist BBQ toot 

idk where i'm going with this

all trans people are secretly french? could be

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the nonbinarii mountain range is actually part of the gender moutains

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"Hello" began as a shortening of "Hell no" for the natural reaction when someone tries to talk to you.

frankly we should just be shitting on the other trashy mastodon thinkpiece instead

sad king: oh woe is me my kingdom weeps. what misfortune, what quiet seeping melancholy spreads its way from moor to keep to inn to castle. oh! my feeble jowels tremble with morose fluids. i fail, i tremble, my hands. these hands. a king's hands stained with blue hues and boo hoos. lachrymosity, thou name is king!
slop knights: gruh

If "Star Trek, Picard" was just Patrick Stewart playing chess with Brent Spinner and frolicking with a dog for four series I would watch all of it.

i may be very smelly, but im also very sexy. and that smell i was talking about??
flowers... u fool.. im actually, perfect ;)

1970: There are five TV shows and everybody’s heard of them. Your one-off joke is forgotten in seconds

2020: There are millions of TV shows you’ve never heard of. Your one-off joke has become the global zeitgeist for five whole weeks

LGBTQIA+ hate in Poland 

i will not let the people i love spend their lives not knowing what they mean to me. i will not

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reparations take 

the real trolley problem: one of the wheels is stuck and it's difficult to go around corners

cw meta, SA 

medication, anxiety 

"Self Control"
digital photograph, 2019.

I stumbled on this outside a martial arts dojo. I've uploaded it to the Internet Archive and made it available for all manner of remixing fun:


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