:heart_parrot: HELLO AGAIN!! :heart_parrot:

I've made a really simple tool for searching your outbox.json (Mastodon archive) file. It's all browser-based and all data stays on your computer — it's not uploaded to the cloud!

There's lots of room for additional features so feel free to suggest some! 💚


:heart_parrot: Masto Archive Tool v4!!! :heart_parrot:

I've updated the Masto Archive Tool to give basic stats on your top-5 most liked/boosted/mentioned users. Try it out and let me know how it works! 💚

Currently it only really works for Masto users — sorry Pleroma users, I'll get to you next, promise!!!


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@andi you've used named regex groups and those aren't supported in Firefox :blobsad:

It was quite easy to change your code to use unnamed groups though. I would send a pull request or a diff but it doesn't look like observable supports that kind of thing 🤷‍♀️

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