re: Open to die 

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@CornishRepublicanArmy your avatar in the corner looks like a bird in one of those hamster exercise balls

re: Microdosing 

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Since Pride Month sucked ass this year and we totally weren't allowed to Be Gay, I think we need to seriously fucking ratchet up the Do Crimes part. #justsayin

@diffractie i wonder if this happens in spaces that are not online too?

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The best way to enjoy the fediverse is:
Begin shitposting.
find the love of your life.
leave forever.

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reading through code comments that use first-person pronouns like finding a worn, unsigned diary, on the beach of a forgotten island, that gives me hints to the next puzzle

@CornishRepublicanArmy i like my uranium air cooled in a graphite block

re: Not selfie but pictures of me, eye contact, new dress 

re: pellets guy, covid, good news, cannabis, d&d 

linked video has nudity and forced-fem themes 

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@starwall for our sake, i hope it is the nature of humanity


@starwall i'm starting to believe that no project is ever truly finished

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