@caelyn @mxsiege i don't get why garlic is winning. cayenne or nothing imo

@selontheweb shaved head is fun and should be done at least once in a lifetime

@moiety i've got a hotwater bottle now, but i'm willing to share :blobcat:

a slight exaggeration 

Let Lego, a trained therapist, relieve you of your burdens (dog, ec)

@tan there's a lot of that in cornwall, apparently

If white trans women want to fight against trans violence and injustice, fight racism. I said this yesterday in this thread:

Here are the cold hard numbers for those whites in the audience who can't be moved by people's experiences and desperate cries for help. There shouldn't need to be numerical proof. They shouldn't have to die to be used to motivate you. Brazil. Mexico. USA (mostly latine and black). The top 3 countries for trans murders.

If it makes you so uncomfortable to see this that you'd have preferred me to CW, then I empathize. I do. But I can't morally hide the names and existence of trans femmes of color who had their lives cut short for your comfort. I talked about that here:

No more hiding violence against the most marginalized to keep us feeling safe and comfortable. Because it is primarily white people who desperately claw at that comfort. As evidenced above, people of color don't have an opt-out. This violence finds POC every day. They don't want to experience it. You don't want to hear about that experience. I have to triage

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