#commissions open, 3 slots

I can draw people, furries, mythical creatures, and animals. Well, I can draw more than that but for these commissions, that's the general scope. If you want it to be explicit, that's doable.

Payable with cashapp.

Add %10 of price to add an additional character, maximum 3 characters.

$50 - ink, no color
$70 - ink or digital lines, flat color
$100 - entirely digital, color and simple background

CW affection, bare chest, beverage

pagliacci: i am depressed

doctor: you should go and see pagliacci

pagliacci: but doctor, i am pagliacci

doctor: no i'm referring you to dr pagliacci, a psychiatrist colleague of mine who happens to have the same surname as you.

3am shower and then in bed with clean sheets?



CISHET: i support the lgbt community
QUEER PERSON: [uses any word to describe themselves that was coined within the queer community in the last 5 years]
CISHET: see that's a mental illness and absolutely not related at all

@selontheweb i like all your posts, even the ones i don't see

re: anxiety 

PSA: can confirm alt text is *helpful* not just for folks using screen readers, but also for folks who 1) are from different cultures and didn't get what's so funny and/or 2) haven't been up to date on the memes.

Even just an "This is a photo of X" can be seriously helpful, because it tells you that "X" is what you want to look up on Duck Duck Go.

#DearWhitePeople we will not, as a society "Age out" of racism. Activating the 18-40 voter block will not magically wipe out racists voters. Even if you are not *as* racist as your parents doesn't mean there aren't tons of racist folks successfully passing on their values to their progeny.

You do not get out of addressing these systemic issues by waiting for old bigots to die.

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