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content warning shitpost 

B. Garrison being totally normal 

Shooting in Norway, Neo-nazi, White terrorism 

Made another small one from the scraps of the large one.

i promise this is the last one - i don't think i have anything larger than A3

if someone knows how to make a 3 sided one of these so we could have "uwu" and "owo" that'd be cool

Now I'm wondering if i could make one out of an A3 sheet

Answer: yes, and it's still big enough to get my finger tips in :blobcat:

(normal sized one made from the same A4 sheet for scale)

i made a chatterbox and then thought:

can i make a tiny one with the left over paper?


if she's your girl, how come she's in my bed, petting my cats, scrolling thru my home TL, and being salty about being awake

Illness mention 

food! a v gay brunch!! 


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