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At one point I discovered it and was like, hey, you're cool, but I think this is just a phase for me, so... And I went, and put it in a corner for a lot of years

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I think my bisexuality is probably one of the only things that's been consistent my entire adult life, in retrospect...

🎶bog house
in the middle of some peat🎶

re: family, - 

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family, - 

re: ukpol, joke, or maybe not? 

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ukpol, joke, or maybe not? 

i wonder if the folks over at have read Édourd Siddon?

pteople ptell me it's ptronounced "ptolemey"

food habits 

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i promised to do two things earlier which require a certain level of brain power but

- i
- am
- tired

jhorts (jean shorts) are old news

what about khorts (khaki shorts)?

re: ai dungeon, death 

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ai dungeon, dead body 

i love places that use regex to check if an email address is valid

yes i am

joshing with you? no, i am sarahing with you

was probably a bad idea because garf hates mondays

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