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Power is out and laptop battery is broken so I can't do anything right now

the bird of hermes is my name, wearing my thigh highs to make me tame #mastoart

woke up to clouds an hour ago and now it's clear


[to the tune of Scatman]

i'm a FOSSMAN!

ski di ba di ba Libre bi-bop-FOSS!
GNU du ba du bah open source!
ski di ba BSD dah buh well, actually!

coming out strategy 

europeans stop pretending racism is a uniquely American problem challenge

when is this storm meant to be getting here?

baking question 

i need white folks to stop using their 4 off white friends of color as a shield for shit that has...well..nothing to do with us racially in conversations in a certain way.

that may not make sense, but someone out there might pick up what im putting down LOL

all this to say. NB for me could read as Non Black or Non Binary but you know we have context clues in a sentence that will allow us to understand.

NB-POC is how it's actually often used.

context, my g

why is this so funny to me? i am laughing like a drain here

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