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actually Marx never mentioned federating with

I'm torn between giving this a very cool or absolutely ridiculous name

actually Marx never mentioned federating with

experimenting with summoning, ingredients 

was gonna take a photo of the full moon but it's sitting a little low in the sky

i don't want my neighbours thinking i'm trying to look in their windows

Something in the sky I want to look at? You can bet there's cloud cover

STI vaccine psa 

I do love that the fediverse refuses to let the android blob emoji die even after android decided to abandon them for a more boring emoji direction

Weird thing about tech reporting 

If I post something that makes you realize you've done wrong before, good

Please don't tell me.

Just like and boost and move on

I ain't a priest, I don't need your confession

I ain't a therapist, I don't need to hear your plan to improve.

Just get better without declaring it to me.

Very unfriendly reminder to not forget about people with screenreaders.

Is it called meet space (space where you meet people) or meat space (space where people are made of meat)?

rollin' with the riff raff (masto meetup, lots of ec, boost to give ppl fomo) 

Pics of me and friends!! A mastomeetup for the ages tbh. Selfies, EC, boosts+++++++* 

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