Hi followers! Sorry for the radio silence, but due to contract negotiations with Japanese management, the overseas promo people (that's-a me) are on hiatus until Japanese publicity says we're on go again. Basically, band stuff is quiet and so we're keeping quiet too. But stuff is on the horizon and I'll see you soon, thanks for supporting exist trace if you've ever checked out an MV, visited Spotify or even their Twitter!

No matter how long I'm around this band, I never stop wondering at what handsome, beautiful people they are, inside and out.

Happy New Year from exist†trace! It's lucky number 19, the year!

My boss is giving away some of the left over stock from our closed-down US online store! So you can get 2 pieces of exist†trace merch for only the price of postage from California! I would highly recommend checking it out!

Translator note: for the sake of technicality, "ii ko" was translated as good children. But contextually, it is closer to "good girls". Fwiw.

Jyou: "Regarding Santa Claus: for those children who've been good, he'll make an appearance at their homes. Well then, I will also appear, within the dreams of those who've been good... Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful holy night."

Typically, Jyou felt the need to destroy the hearts of maidens everywhere with a late-night tweet. I was of course untouched. Obviously.

It's 6h32 in Tokyo and I'm wide awake cross-posting. It was really cold out in the city tonight, but the lights were lovely and limited.

You know what's better than pretty much anything else you're going to see on on a Christmas card?
This. This right here. (Also, that one there)

It's moments like these that remind me how important exist†trace is. Aesthetically, culturally, genderally...

Igu Day in Japan just ended and the band threw this teaser at the last moment! New photoshoot and proof that they've finally recorded one of the live tracks that's been so popular for the past year! youtube.com/watch?v=c5aBBFF4Ow

I would like to report that I am in Japan and alive (again, finally). Posting shall resume!

~Omi~ (乙魅)

Birthday: March 20th
Position: Lead Guitarist
Aesthetic: Andro elegance
Cute note: anime snaggle fang

Omi was the last member to join the band, providing a very strong aspect of their signature sound with her highly-technical, wailing guitar work. Off-stage she is incredibly shy and easily embarrassed , possessing very high levels of 'moe', despite her wolfish stage persona. Omi is the only member of exist†trace to have officially come out as lgbtq, identifying as bi & genderqueer.

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. The last band member toot will follow asap!


Birthday: March 7th
Position: Rhythm guitar/ vocals
Aesthetic: sophisticated femme
Cute note: Deep love of bunnies

Learning classical guitar at a young age and then teaching herself electric, miko was always a highly creative and self-driven individual. She joined exist†trace via a determined letter of motivation, and ended up becoming their main song-writer. She sang back-up vocals until 2012, when the band tried out dual lead vocals and duets, up until January 2018.

I'm shooketh.

Today Jyou and miko were on ShibuyaCrossing FM, and Jyou was talking about doing the acapella opening to a song and how intense it is being the only one making noise, and the host asked her to do it there, on the spot. She of course says no, I couldn't. But the host says Oh you must, this place is built with really great acoustics. So she goes for it. And I was shooketh to the core:


Birthday: November 27th
Position: Drummer
Aesthetic: Masc smart/casual or athletic-wear
Cute note: Star Wars Otaku

Mally lucked upon the drums in high school and decided to take lessons, which led to a love of performing and helped her come out of her shell. Invited by Naoto, she quickly became the burning heart of exist†trace. When Mally gets worked up, it's hard to understand what she's saying, but it's certain to be something like LET'S BURN IT UP AGAIN TONIGHT I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Japanese rock scene terminology: Demachi (出待ち) is when fans of a band collect outside of a livehouse to say goodbye, handover gifts, or just generally chat to the band members as they're leaving. Some clubs have rules against doing this, because it can clog the walkways. Additionally, it's seen as disrespectful to do this to a band after a one-man, because they will be very tired after the long set.

Japanese rock scene terminology: A taiban is an event where multiple bands perform short sets and sell their merch in various areas of the livehouse floorspace. This is the opposite of a one-man, which is more unusual because it costs a lot for a band to rent out a club all on their own. Taibans are good for everyone involved, because fans of one band can get exposed to other bands too, and share their purchases amidst the merch tables (aka 'buppan').

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