I would like to report that I am in Japan and alive (again, finally). Posting shall resume!

~Omi~ (乙魅)

Birthday: March 20th
Position: Lead Guitarist
Aesthetic: Andro elegance
Cute note: anime snaggle fang

Omi was the last member to join the band, providing a very strong aspect of their signature sound with her highly-technical, wailing guitar work. Off-stage she is incredibly shy and easily embarrassed , possessing very high levels of 'moe', despite her wolfish stage persona. Omi is the only member of exist†trace to have officially come out as lgbtq, identifying as bi & genderqueer.

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. The last band member toot will follow asap!


Birthday: March 7th
Position: Rhythm guitar/ vocals
Aesthetic: sophisticated femme
Cute note: Deep love of bunnies

Learning classical guitar at a young age and then teaching herself electric, miko was always a highly creative and self-driven individual. She joined exist†trace via a determined letter of motivation, and ended up becoming their main song-writer. She sang back-up vocals until 2012, when the band tried out dual lead vocals and duets, up until January 2018.

I'm shooketh.

Today Jyou and miko were on ShibuyaCrossing FM, and Jyou was talking about doing the acapella opening to a song and how intense it is being the only one making noise, and the host asked her to do it there, on the spot. She of course says no, I couldn't. But the host says Oh you must, this place is built with really great acoustics. So she goes for it. And I was shooketh to the core:


Birthday: November 27th
Position: Drummer
Aesthetic: Masc smart/casual or athletic-wear
Cute note: Star Wars Otaku

Mally lucked upon the drums in high school and decided to take lessons, which led to a love of performing and helped her come out of her shell. Invited by Naoto, she quickly became the burning heart of exist†trace. When Mally gets worked up, it's hard to understand what she's saying, but it's certain to be something like LET'S BURN IT UP AGAIN TONIGHT I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Japanese rock scene terminology: Demachi (出待ち) is when fans of a band collect outside of a livehouse to say goodbye, handover gifts, or just generally chat to the band members as they're leaving. Some clubs have rules against doing this, because it can clog the walkways. Additionally, it's seen as disrespectful to do this to a band after a one-man, because they will be very tired after the long set.

Japanese rock scene terminology: A taiban is an event where multiple bands perform short sets and sell their merch in various areas of the livehouse floorspace. This is the opposite of a one-man, which is more unusual because it costs a lot for a band to rent out a club all on their own. Taibans are good for everyone involved, because fans of one band can get exposed to other bands too, and share their purchases amidst the merch tables (aka 'buppan').

After a recent taiban, Mally, Jyou and miko hit the street to grab some sustenance for the ride home. (Pix by Manager Asako)

(not on Friday) to @existtrace which is the social media account for an all-girl Japanese rock band. their music is sweet and the band members are both hot & talented and the account admin is doing a great job!!

~Naoto~ (猶人)

Birthday: October 5th
Position: Bassist
Aesthetic: Industrial/Romantic Goth
Cute note: scared of cicadas

Naoto, who in high school came up with the band name 'exist†trace' in reference to wanting to leave a mark on the world, has always been the band's enigma. She has made the creepiest fashion choices, including various ghoulish contact lenses, and part of her signature look is her collection of 21 piercings. Despite her look, she wants to bring cheer to the hearts of fans.

~Jyou~ (ジョウ)

Birthday: April 10th
Position: Vocalist
Aesthetic: Takarazuka otokoyaku w/rock flavour
Cute note: Disney Otaku

One of the founding members of exist†trace, Jyou has always been at the center of the band's visual presence. Off-stage she is demure and soft-spoken, but on-stage she is bold and aggressive, impressive in both the power of her charisma and her varied vocal talents, from pure notes to death voice growling.

exist†trace vs "Can I copy your homework?"

On a personal note: I fly to Tokyo in ten days, nothing is ready or packed, and I'm here looking at memes

exist†trace vs "Alternative Responses to I love You" chart

(Mally literally fingerguns from stage, so there's that)

~𝖆 𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉 𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖊𝖝𝖎𝖘𝖙†𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊~

The band was formed in 2003 by high school friends Jyou and Naoto, the latter of whom brought on her neighbourhood friend Mally as a drummer. They advertised for guitarists in a local music magazine and got a letter of motivation from miko. A year later, Omi also wrote to ask if they still needed someone, and by 2004 the band was as we know it today.

exist†trace vs "I'd Die For You" chart.
Top to bottom: Naoto, Jyou, miko, Mally, Omi

I need to make the About exist†trace thread that was suggested, but first... exist†trace tumblr has been posting good memes. So I'll be sharing those here tonight. Save them, they'll make more sense later.

I was just thinking about landmark MVs for the band, and it is so hard to believe that "Diamond" is now 5 and a half years ago. I can't say it feels like yesterday. But considering that it was when I first found out about the band, I'd have to say that the time since then has been a whirlwind to get to where we are today. Everything before that was somewhat compacted into a whole in my mind, but the timeline fully expanded after "Diamond".

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