a diplomatic meeting between polycule ambassadors.

their kinks are compatible, a treaty is signed.

bad hrt pun; this is nothing 

why are we calling pressure cookers "instant pots" now



Hey with the youtube strike coming people should totally link me good peertube channels or whatever else is a usable non-scabby video platform

*sexy mailman voice* is this the package u ordered?

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What kind of loser thought that having "jobs" was ever a good idea? Fuck work.
#anarchism :black_and_rainbow: :ancom: :ecoanarchism:

My “signature move” is spontaneously receiving a marketing slogan from deep in my memory banks as an intrusive thought and, after a moment’s struggle, compulsively repeating it out loud

Rambling on the gender stories we tell and put on other people 

fucking criminal that games with long intro sequences aren't universally built with a replay mode that starts you where you have freedom of motion

@Are0h Another thing worth mentioning is that deplatforming is *not* censorship. It's just showing them the door, letting them know that we don't wanna listen.

And to those worried that setting the precedent might result in marginalized groups getting deplatformed too, I have one thing to say:
We're already actively getting deplatformed. Look at the news and tell me the percentage of white people you see.

Deplatforming these bigots is just evening the playing field so that diversity can occur.

Representative hacker handles by age group
12-18: d4rk wr3kk4g3
19-25: doctor octalpus
26-39: cybersnugs
40+: cats4slommy

That's my one '''beef''' with software CoCs: I think some of the projects and teams that implement a CoC arent 100% mindful about how they'd treat contributors of marginalized groups.

It's incredibly easy to say you wont discriminate against black and brown folk when there aren't any on your team.

Archivists are trying to make sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ never goes down. A new project aims to make LibGen, which hosts 33 terabytes of scientific papers and books, much more stable.


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I want you to actually read the story.

I want you to really understand how this world abuses us, systemically. As a policy.

I want you to think about what this means.


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