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- is a mouse made of cheese
- wears a tuxedo shirt with no pants
- his house is a luxurious bathroom complete with toilet and bidet
- Likes to hang out in the town square making eyebrows at whatever is happening
- Likes to speak random Italian and French phrases: known pervert tongues

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Fredo Schmuel (the kosher pizza guy): Sir you have publicly stood outside our restaurant with a westboro baptist church style sign claiming our restaurant to be “A Den Of Sin And Homosexuality” for six years in a row, additionally, I cannot fulfill your order for “the ingredients to make 50 pizzas and a brick oven that will fit in the trunk of a prius”

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god this is gonna be so disastrous because the fucking settlers couldn't have done away with state's rights

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number one sign america is a failed state? its illegal to put the entire nation on quarantine

I will never not laugh at garf’s Modest Proposal cw “bad things happening to children” one of the best unintentional jokes on here

"You are horrified at our intention to abolish private property. But in your existing society, private property is inaccessible for nine-tenths of the population; its existence for the few is solely due to its non-existence in the hands of the rest. You reproach us for intending to do away with a form of property, the necessary condition for whose existence is the non-existence of any property for the immense majority of society."

please remember to say this when offering a powerup reward card

I hope you will look up the organization Black and Pink. It is a US based prison abolitionist organization, focusing on the needs of LGBTQ and HIV+ prisoners. They have a lot of great information and programs. I specifically suggest the pen pal program. You can get set up with writing back and forth with an incarcerated LGBTQ individual. Many have quick bios on the site.

Regular correspondance is of huge importance and harm reduction, giving people made incredibly vulnerable by the prison-industrial complex a support network outside of prison.

We all have probably seen how scary of a time this has been for incarcerated individuals. And that is true - things are especially bad right now. But in a way, these circumstances have been revealed as much as they've been exacerbated. If we want to dismantle the PIC, that requires strong solidarity with those most impacted by it.

what if the Reggie at GamesTop is not reggie fils-amie, but a different reggie entirely

what if it's a different reggie every once in a while and no one acknowledges it

one week its like "ah, here's our CEO, Reginald VelJohnson"

the next week it's like "please welcome Reggie Mantle, from the CW series Riverdale,"

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animal crossing villager designer: so we hit our quota on jocks, that's good. let's start making villagers that are just wretched perverts

animal crossing's gender system is fantastic bc as far as I can tell selecting your style as boy or girl only affects which pronouns npcs use to refer to you and nothing else, just like how gender works in real life

The Bosses: "You need to learn to embrace discomfort"

[bosses having to use new technology in an era of social distancing]

The Bosses: "Fuckin shit, piss. This sucks, I cannot operate a screen share without shitting my pants. I am incapable of learning new things. This is below my pay grade."

games top lore 

Sexism in trans spaces 

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the fediverse needs a discourse so big, so terrible that it unites all instances against it...

Sexism in trans spaces 

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