concept a game where you explore space and meet different species with lots of cute girls, but instead of fighting them you get to date them lol

speculation re: blockers vs. HRT in trans youth 

starting a religion called church of the latter day beatles, we only listen to the albums after rubber soul

*Soul Calibur announcer voice*

Though the tides of time have faded away the luster of the blade, the doing to em is eternal and without end

passing around the bucket hat (begpost) 

I can't wait till humanity's a fully spacefaring civilisation and flat earthers still, somehow, continue to be a thing

cranking up a knob labeled cuteness and ignoring the audience’s pleas for caution

“how can you tell when the bimboification has started?” he asked, lips trembling over the words.
“relax, mr trump, you don’t have to worry about big questions like that anymore,” Robert assured him, “Daddy Mueler will take care of all that for you, baby”

You're not weak for being mentally ill. You are strong for being here.

You're not attention-seeking for talking about it. You are helping others feel less alone.

You're not jumping on a bandwagon. You are talking about something that for too long remained silent.

Defy stigma.

- Matt Haig

Blahäj is a memetic that makes you buy more Blahäj

broke: doing praxis on here
woke: unionizing your workplace
bespoke: seven dead cops

putting the hormones in my pasta, makin progesteroni

We Took The Average Of Every Post On Mastodon And This Is What It Looked Like 

i've heard that wearing glasses could start an addiction! 😭 I never knew! I got my first taste of eyesight at 11 and it just got worse and worse and now the first thing I do in the morning is put on my glasses! I get terrible migraines and blurred vision and severe vertigo when I try to quit. Glasses, not even once!

i got in trouble once because this white kid in class was saying eminem lyrics and without thinking i turned around and told him “you’re literally too white to be enjoying Eminem” and he got mad butthurt about it

The abled's pearl clutching over the over-diagnosing of health issues has made actually getting diagnosed so fucking hard that it is cruel. I have been living with what I am now 99% sure is ADD my entire life (I am 30), and I have spent the last 5 years trying to get a doctor to just take me seriously, because getting a diagnosis as an adult is almost impossible just because of my age alone. Not symptoms - age.

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