Larp life can go from "Sword and Board" to sore and bored real swift

Boycotting ACNH until it lets me wear a live bird on my head like in Pocket Camp

zines are just magazines without ads and I think that's beautiful

the fourmi paradox (I like ants but they're so small that I can't hug them)

(Apple cinnamon tea and petrichor bring out the best parts of each other)

The rain here, in my hometown, is so different from where I used to live. How long did i take for granted the pleasure of watching the rain fall for hours and hours?

i love being queer enough. i love that you're queer enough

Poly sadpost 

Thoughts from a poly triad 

Gender shitpost 

i think "i'm a hot person" is my life's greatest achievement and i'm very much ok with that

Maybe if I had superpowers, I would be motivated to make a profile pic

If I had a superpower, I would probably become a supervillain

Racists aren't allowed to get roadside assistance.

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