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Skipping a class again because I'm gangsta and don't want to deal with this boring ass class rn *dab*

We need to own the fact that none of these identities actually means anything more than "I am like you in some meaningful way and you are like me."

That's it.

That shared experience can be extremely nuanced and varied, especially among people who are intersectionally marginalized. What happens when people start setting down 'rules' is that the most privileged people in the community get to reduce the experience down to their own and then measure everyone up to that yardstick.

It's violent.

Aromantic people can still be in "romantic" relationships or the type of relationships that some people would see as romantic. They can even do romantic things.

In the same way that many asexual people still have and even enjoy sex

Queerplatonic relationships are great, but those aren't the only types of relationships aromantic people can have, and a lot of times I see that implied

Also like, people shouldn't have to worry if they're aromantic or asexual enough. If you identify with the labels or the community, you should be able to use them.

It's totally awesome to identify as somewhere on the aromantic or asexual spectrums, but also you don't have to be the perfect asexual or aromantic to claim the label. People's experiences are vastly different and we often use the labels to mean slightly different things and that's great!

I have a 7 page paper due at 12pm today that I have one paragraph done of and you know what? I'm waving the white flag here. Im still gonna go to class but turn ill it in a day or so late. I accept the consequences for my inaction. I'm not gonna kill myself via stress just to turn in a rushed, sub par paper.

Hormones tomorrow!!!! Hopefully!!!! It's finally set in and I'm!!! :heart_demiboy: :heart_nb: :heart_demiboy: :heart_nb:

Guess who's gonna go to Planned Parenthood for an initial appointment about T hormones :blobmiou:

I can't find my new rainbow hackysack and I'm unreasonably unhappy about it. Like I can feel myself getting pouty and whiny lol

Guess who had an asthma attack at 3am this morning *dab*

I'm here I'm queer and I'm back in my not air conditioned room for the school year

Tfw youre depressed and know exercise would help with that but youre also constantly too exhausted to think about exercise (in part because of depression)

I'm going back to school next weekend and I'm honestly looking forward to it. I have some really good classes this year, like psychological disorders and gender/sexuality studies

Feeling soft lately and chasing the feeling you get from catnapping in the warm sunshine and feeling at peace with the world

Tfw you express a dissenting opinion to a friend and he leaves you on read and suddenly you doubt everything you said

Anxiety, baby

I drew me as my Pok茅mon Let's Go trainer with my partner Aria the Eevee!

boost this if you are one of the following

like the same gender platonically or romantically or both
The Big Gay

I'm finally listening to the Magnus Archives. It's so good and yet every day I shake in fear and horror, asking why I do this to myself

Eye contact pic 

My XCOM Templer just killed his bondmate while mind-controlled by the Warlock. On one hand I'm devestated but on the other hand this makes for hella good story

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