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I'm getting a very 'guy' haircut and I'm worried I'll look like a butch lesbian instead

Guess who's been diagnosed with a sleep disorder *dab*

Misgendering, dysphoria implication 

I got my neurological testing feedback back. According to them, I, uh, don't have autism. I don't know what to think. I mean. They're the experts so I should listen to them. And yet... Idk. Maybe I was just to attached to the idea?

Tfw your friend calls you one of his best friend and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

I forgot how much I loved Bruce/Tony until I read a Science Bros fic for the first time in forever

My mind is a constant repeat of mcr going "just SLEEEEEEEEP"

not in a stim or obsession way, that's just how much my body craves sleep at any given moment

I've been sleeping all day and yet. It still calls to me. Like a siren song.

Yesterday I came up for an idea of an oc while listening to this Todd Howard Roast song (on constant repeat because God damn is that Swing sound good)

Me at 10 years old: Pop music is all terrible. One Direction and Justin Bieber are super cringy and for losers.

Me now: ok but why are One Direction so catchy??? Fuck it I'm listening to a pop radio station and all these songs make me want to dance

We have a session tonight and I really do not want to participate but like...... I can't just ghost them

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I'm bored of this dnd campaign I'm in and not having fun anymore but I'm too anxious to talk to the other members and tell them I want to leave *dab*

I'm obviously not saying anything like that to him because I don't want to make him feel bad for no reason and also I hide my emotions always but like... I'm genuinely Sad. Like Depression Sad.

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I'm also hella disappointed and sad because I was looking forward to hanging out with him (even if that entailed him showing me the newer IT movie)

My friend's grandpa made him come back home after an hour of hanging out at my house for Literally No Reason and we're both pissed

And yet my stomach still growls, yearning for food despite eating half a tub of ice cream only hours before

Me, having made plans the next day to hang out with a friend: I'm sure eating this ice cream at 12:30 am will certainly not affect my sleep at all

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