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the Hebrew word for God is Elohim. it has a plural suffix, but takes singular verbs and adjectives and pronouns etc.

it's considered a type of majestic plural similar to the royal we, which itself is used often by God in the Qur'an. another example of something similar is the use of plural you for formal you in many languages.

then again, in the neighboring Canaanite religions from which Judaism likely evolved, the Elohim were the sons of the god El (whose name also means "god"). but still...

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for context, im subletting and the person who owns the place left and wont pay the bills despute me paying her so i need a place thats not gonna fuck me over like that
i have a job, and money, and all that shit, just really REALLY Need a new long term place

IF ANYONE in king coynty washington needs a roommate i have no power and no heating so id really like to move asap please dm me

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I've just arrived here from and I hope it will be a good instance for me.

I'm a non-binary trans girl (she/her), neurodivergent, pansexual, kink and a-spec with polyam interest.

I'm from Madrid (Spain), so my mother tongue is spanish. I currently work as a hardware and software engineer and as a teacher. I also have a degree in sexology. My interests go through #sexuality, #feminisms, #polyam, #kink and #GSRDI, but also #FreeHardware and #FLOSS, and other #geek things. And #cats!

Once, I was reading the Y.L. Peretz story Between Two Mountains, where Peretz explores the spiritual struggles of a 19th century Jew who must decide between the stern intellectualism of his Misnagdische training or the compassionate embracing nature of Chasidism. Eventually, the Jew has a dream that he is wandering in a palace of immaculate ice, lead only by the Brisker Rov, who tells him this is no place for resting, they must march forward. He instructs the Jew to hold onto his coat. Eventually the Brisker Rov leaves him, and the Jew calls out, "Master of the universe, please show me a Jew, even if he is a humble tailor. I'd rather be in hell with the People Israel, then alone in this palace of ice!"

Black and Brown people should definitely arm themselves.

Platforms are normalizing rhetoric that enables hateful violence and then a majority of media channels are simply refusing to look at the obvious connections between mass shootings.

Non-violence isn't an option when your opponent doesn't have a conscience.

I took this yesterday and it’s a mood

[img: very close shot of a single tiny yellow flower growing in a sidewalk crack]

Gentle reminder to CW the obvious stuff today, as well as being a bit more CW-ish about politics-adjacent stuff in general.

Don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty tender. Thank you, lovelies.

Don't call them "racist memes". "Meme" subliminally reduces the seriousness.

They're Propaganda. We all know that term. Call that shit out.

Propaganda. Neo-nazi, right wing, Republican propaganda.

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