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If you are ever confronted by a vampire, just toss a bunch of beans on the floor. Legally they have to stop and count how many beans there are.

mlm -> multi level marketing
wlw -> will wheaton
aba -> american bar association

if you havent heard yet, cyntoia brown has been granted clemency and will be released on parole august 7th. she killed a man who had bought her for sex trafficking when she was 16, and was given a life sentence.

you can read more here: cnn.com/2019/01/07/us/tennesse

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A catgirl who is too online becomes a catURL

I fucking hate this poster at my school. Garfield nut poster.

all of the internet: die. pee pee poo poo.

mutuals: transmitting love and energy and evil power! will help you bury bodies and rub your tired shoulders! no dont get up! I will light your incense! fuck it here are some pictures of my cute pets and also some nudes if you want to see them or not whatever.


I wish I could find a name that inspired me
“What’s your name mean”
“I AM GLAD that you asked!”

Right now:
“Ehhh... it’s basically just my birth name mutated, which means its a common name my mom liked, mutated”

I don’t know if i like nilaky
I don’t know if i like my birth name
Neither of them feel like me, sonce neither of them came from me
I don’t feel like I have ever had any attachment to a name I’ve used
It doesn’t quite make me sad, just tired?

most self-claimed lgbt defenders/supporters do more harm to exactly those people they pretend to support than they think. How can you think phrases like "kill all heteros" and "you're not queer enough" or "I don't like you, so I don't talk to you". I'm so sick of this. You just create drama and hate.

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I didn’t get a ride confirmed for the party, but apparently I can just uber there?

I get to meet new people in a way I have never done before! How exciting!

I bet someone there posts on mastodon but I’ll have no way of knowing and that’s cool too I guess

i better not see any genders when i get back here!! i want this place SPOTLESS!

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