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moving to @neuddd cause can't just change my handle

moving to @neuddd cause can't just change my handle

I would probable have already escaped like 3 hours ago if I didn't have 2 of safety educations (1 extra today as replacement)

even writing these toots needed extra effort from me

a coffee helped me for like 2 hours and I returned to the previous state

fuck this day, I can't make nearly any tasks I have at school, teachers ask me why I just stare at something and don't do what I have to

I feel like my autism level gets more advanced. Everything takes me much more time than earlier. I feel tired everyday since I got back to school after a while.

I mean, not everything applies to me for various reasons, but still it's too valid to just forget it

now considering if I'm trans after seeing a reddit meme

ah shit, here we go again

family talking about me and thinking I don't hear is even funny
and I'll keep them thinking this way

when your family turns off the router to make you go sleep but your mobile data works

Family watching some government's television's series: "wait, is he a faggot? I'm not sure now"

Thanks for encouraging me to come out to you, idiots

2015: I'm straight
2016: I'm straight
2017: I'm straight and supporting LGBT rights
2018: I'm too straight to be gay but too gay to be straight, I don't know who the fuck I am
2019: I'm bisexual

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- 4:20 passed and I don't mean PM
- sun is shining
- it's getting bright outside
- birds are tweeting
looks like a good time to lay into bed

I both love and hate how much my toots and tweets are ignored

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of course he answered but at least it gone better than I thought

trying now
please don't answer please don't answer please don't answer please don't answer

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