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me, in greyscale, holding up a piece of paper with a funky lil tune going on in the background: i don't know what praxis is and at this point i'm too afraid to ask

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I am very proud of my erlenmeyer flask snowflake (selfie ec)

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what’s the gender neutral version of fangirl/fanboy?

fanby? fan? fansie?

*dua lipa voice* i got new shoes i got em

new! shoes! new! shoes!!!

nothing like seeing a pair of shoes at the store and being like “ah those are cute!” and then checking the price tag and realizing they are on sale at a decent price!!!

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ah! two of my mittens came out with very different widths while i was crocheting them, so i re-did the wider one with tighter stitches. then today i went back to them and realized i switched to a high gauge hook. gg me!

(please tell me this one wasn’t already done aaaaaaa)

i’m just waiting for the moment in the detective pikachu movie when Reynolds-chu solves the crime and says, “I guess the perp is about to meet the judge, the jury... and the Exeggutor.”

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@scribbler earthbound is good and wholesome, I'm glad it's gained so much popularity

tbh? earthbound/mother fans please @ me. good games. best games.

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