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so i just joined today and... you're all really into jorts huh..............

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I just totally misread something, nobody look at me, nobody regard My Mistake

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i have an exciting announcement!

the pleroma instance is now live! this is an instance for all sapphics and WLW, including he/him lesbians. Registrations are now open, please only make an account if you consider yourself sapphic and/or WLW

I will be henceforth migrating to my account on that instance, @DangerDyke.

I miss @Jae ‘s sunshiney presence around here but I also understand the perils of being a teacher and using social media ;;

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beep boop I’m anxious I’m railroading my players too much in d&d

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nonbinary gender mention in the book “authority” by Jeff vanderMeer (the sequel to “annihilation”) was unexpected but nice!

wouldn’t it be nice to just shed your human form and underneath you’re actually just a lil bug from hollow knight

"i want to multiclass as every class" says my new d&d player

me, the DM: (there are no words. a tear rolls down my cheek)

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- gay
- also gay

- happy to be in their containment units
- not having a swell time rn
- on the up and up
- desire a reasonable number of things

- coming out of my cage
- doing just fine
- gotta be down
- i want it all

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- Great hair and nails
- High-protein diets
- Pictures of them all over the internet
- Respond vocally to physical affection
- Four legs
- Pointy ears
- Actually I might be thinking of cats

one thing I’m really bad at is recognizing the difference between an inside joke between several friends and a newly-sprouted meme, so if I ever infringe on a friend joke pls let me know :heart_lesbian:

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