What is lgbtq.cool?

A general purpose instance for all kinds of cool LGBTQ people and allies.

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  1. No Harassment
  2. No porn without Content Warnings. Additionally, no porn that may be considered illegal in the United States or Europe.
  3. No racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.
  4. No toots that incite violence.
  5. Please do not host bots on this instance. Bots are better off in another instance, such as botsin.space.
  6. Avatars and usernames must be kept appropriate.
  7. Content Warnings are expected on anything graphic, including text. Things that would normally be required to be CW'd in a toot may not be posted in bios, avatars, cover images, or display names.
  8. No urls to piracy. Discussion of is OK.
  9. Don't be a dick; respect your fellow users.
  10. Have fun!